I am a natural words person; always writing ... stories, articles, blogs, diaries and have three previous books in print. Two teaching guides on how to teach children using Edward De Bono’s Thinking techniques, and a book of short stories. I trained as a Play development Specialist, advising Local Authorities and Schools on the play needs of children & young people. I have a PG Dip and PG Cert in Management and Health & Social Care and have been trained by Edward De Bono himself, as one of his accredited Trainers on cognitive reasoning skills. I spent 10 years working in Children’s Social Care where I managed teams who were helping children to deal with some very difficult issues. Managing the Young People’s Drug & Alcohol Team, the Children’s Rights & Advocacy Team, and the Safeguarding Children Board. I also sat on the Berkshire Child Death Review Panel and the Young Offenders Strategy Group.

I have had five children of my own, who are now aged between 12 and 27 years so I have helped children to deal with many difficult issues, and hope that by telling a story with a similar issue, the characters will provide well researched, effective and easy to understand solutions; that will teach children the skills of inclusion, equality, self- confidence, resilience, positive thought, and of course the most important of all… self-esteem!

Meeting Jessie, a young and talented Illustrator has now given me the opportunity to bring these stories to life, and present them to you and your children across the world….

Pictures by: The Illustrator: Jessie Louise Hadley

Growing up in the humble town of Skegness, creativity was explored together with my grandma and mother with inspiration drawn from the rich colors of rock candy, the jingly bells around the necks of the donkeys and the vibrant illuminations. Hours were spent creating our own inventions of cereal box board games, cardboard kitchens and comic books including our own quirky character designs inspired by the characters in Disney stories and cartoons. As time went on, the stories became 3D characters, pop up books and textile plush toys based on the new heroes. 

Relocating to the midlands and later attending De Montfort University's Ba (Hons) Design Craft course taught many different craft practices such as; ceramic, glass, metal, textiles, wood and plastics. Surface pattern design mixed with textiles became the most loved aspect of the course and illustration was reignited from the remembrance of loved characters that were created throughout childhood. Teaching book-making classes to school children as part of a work experience placement taught what children liked in stories and the characters that inspired them, their depiction of heroes and heroines and villains - sometimes unexpected characters emerged. The characters in 'Flowertasia' were inspired by the 'flower fairies' book series, a well-loved childhood tale. Craft and design has always been an important aspect, a stress relieving and enjoyable past time, soon becoming a full time dream career choice.

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