For Parents and Carers

The Flowertasia stories are designed to help young children to develop good coping strategies and resilience to life’s little niggles. They deal with the issues that a child of early school age could find challenging, or even just plain difficult to get through, especially where children have their first experience of some kind of change or loss.

The Flowertasia stories will help them to develop ways to resolve problems, to come to terms with change or loss and to learn how to find a more positive thought process when you can’t change the outcome. Things like: changing schools, moving house, fear of the dark, losing a favourite toy, or a family pet, perhaps even a loved family member. All the difficult things that happen in life when you least expect them….

Some of them could seem trivial in the busy and worrisome life of a parent and carer; and some of them very major indeed and difficult to talk about; so these books are to help you fill that gap sensitively and lovingly. By telling a story with a similar issue, the characters will provide well researched, effective and easy to understand solutions; that will teach children the skills of inclusion, equality, self- confidence, resilience, positive thought, and of course the most important of all… self-esteem!

They will also learn about the flowers and plants that are found in most English gardens and parks; learning their names and understanding just a little bit of character and charm about each one of them.

We hope you will both – as readers or listeners - enjoy the positive messages hidden in these up to date stories.

Tina and Jessie
(Author and Illustrator)

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